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Soul Poles offers a 5 year no questions asked warranty

For 5 years from your date of purchase Soul Poles will replace any broken shaft. All you have to do is send them to the address below and we will replace them.*  

Ship to ::
Soul Poles
6440 N. Business Loop Rd. Unit N
Park City, UT 84098
Please enclose:
1. A check made out to Soul Poles for $15 domestic shipping and $30 international shipping
2. A note with your name, purchase date, return address, phone number, email, and a brief desciption of what happened to the poles.
If you happen to break your shaft after the warranty term, Soul Poles is prepared to give you a new shaft for a mere $35**. Your previous grips and tips will be recycled into your new poles thus saving us and you money as well as helping out mother nature. We will even pay for return shipping.
*Warranty does not include cosmetic blemishes, paint chipping, or minor cracking if the poles have been used. If the pole is sent back and deemed functional by Soul Poles then it will be shipped back at the cost of the sender.  (Minor cracking is equivalent to a slight bend in an aluminum pole - Wrapping duck tape around the ends of a running crack can prevent further cracking.)
**Original Soul shafts only
***Baskets are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase date. For replacements baskets visit the accessories page on our online store.