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Tatum Monod

Hi all, 
My name is Tatum Monod and i was born in Banff Alberta, Canada, a small town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. skiing has been a part of my family for many years, starting with my grandfather who was a Swiss mountain guide and my dad who raced on the Canadian team.  at the age of twelve i started skiing, and although I had never had skis on my feet, i decided i wanted to race. i ended up skiing pretty fast and qualified for the Alberta Team at the age of fifteen. that's when things got heated.  i lived and breathed racing, literally pouring everything i had mentally and physically into the sport.  after eight years of training and racing internationally, i called it quits.  With no idea what to do next and all my friends making the 'smart decision' to go to college or university, i was left second-guessing my future. Through it all, one thing remained certain: an overwhelming desire to ski.  following my heart into the freeskiing arena, I picked up my first sponsor after a podium result on the Freeskiing World Tour.  today, i am filming and focusing on the creative side of freeskiing.  with friends and family at my side, my goal is to push myself and women’s skiing as far as I possibly can.
I'd like to extend a huge 'thanks' to my sponsors Rossignol, Orage, Hudsen Collective, Smith, Monod Sports, Whistler Blackcomb and Soul Poles for allowing me to live my dream!  
This year i have decided to donate $10 from the sale of each pair of my TM signature Soul Poles to the Live it! Love it! Foundation.  The Canadian organization is dedicated to promoting the progression of adaptive adventure and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled.  as a member of the snow sports community, i realize the inherent risks involved in skiing and am proud to support the Live it! Love it! Foundation's vision to create a world where adventure and outdoor recreation is accessible and affordable for everyone with a disability.
Support Tatum and Live it! Love it! this season as they approach life’s greatest obstacles both on hill and off. 
You can follow Tatum Monod's skiing adventures at, on twitter and instagram at @tatummonod
To learn more about the Live it! Love it! Foundation visit their website at


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