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Soul Mission

Deliver quality products that inspire momentous living and the protection of the playgrounds we love.

• No snow. No ski. That's the simple fact of climate change and the grim predictions of disappearing alpine snow. And it inspired Soul's singular focus.

• Founded and designed by Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy, former U.S. Ski Team racers competing at the World Cup and Olympic level.

• Made with Soul. We make our eco-friendly ski poles by hand in Park City, Utah, both to provide local employment as well as to curb emissions that cause the climate change threatening our snowy slopes.

• Do awesome things with awesome people. We choose to work with like-minded individuals, and organizations who share our vision and dedicate their lives to something that truly matters. Call it our family, our friends, or our tribe, we love working with awesome people doing awesome things. 

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