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Soul Poles are a one of a kind product created by skiers, for skiers, with an eye toward the future of our sport. Each and every Soul Pole is handcrafted in Park City, Utah using the most eco-friendly materials possible and is carefully guided through every step of the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality poles make it to you. In doing this, we can help to reduce waste (by not having to replace your poles), initiate a sustainable movement within the ever-consuming ski industry, and provide you with a functional ski pole that is a piece of art. 

the process:

• Sort We run through every piece of cane we get to make sure that it fits our specifications for size, quality, and aesthetics. If it fails any of these, it doesn't belong as a Soul Pole.

• Cut/Kiln Once our cane is sorted, it is then cut to specific sizes and sent over to the kiln where the bamboo can be hardened and acclimatized to our climate versus that of China.

• Rub Down A special blend of penetrating oils is then applied in order to give the bamboo a slight luster and to prevent from damage.

• Shaping- At this point the bamboo is ready to be shaped at both ends in order to fit both our grips and tips.

• Paint- For those poles that need to be painted (vibrant, ltd, g-note) this is where it happens. Low VOC/water based paints are sprayed on accordingly either by our shop ninjas or our in house artist, R. Nelson Parrish.

• Engraving- This is where our logo is applied to the pole by a laser engraver thus permanently etching it into the pole.

• Assembly- The final step is that of assembly where grips, tips, straps, and caps are all put on turning what was just a piece of bamboo into what is now, an actual Soul Pole.


Ski Pole Sizing

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