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We know we're not you're first. Let us be your last.

We guarantee everything we make. That's why we offer the best ski pole warranty in the biz, the Soul Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our ski poles when you receive them, or if they do not perform to your expectations, return it to us or the store you bought it from, or to Soul Poles for a repair, replacement, or refund (refunds only available within 30 days of purchase, store credit will be issued for returns over 30 days). Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.  

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Follow these steps to make a return or repair:

1. Claim it - Please send a note or receipt with your name, purchase date, return address, phone number, email, and a brief description of why you are returning your poles. If this is a repair, tell us what happened to the poles so we can learn from your experience in the field. If you don't have a receipt contact us at [email protected] 

2. Repairs - Once we receive your poles we will determine the cost of the repair. Most repairs are under $30Your grips, tips and baskets will be reused on your new poles to help out mother nature. If you would like us to re-build your poles with new grips, tips, and baskets there will be additional charges. *DIY Kit replacement parts are ONLY covered if you purchased the 2 year guarantee.

3. Return shipping label - Once we finish the repair and/or replacement we will contact you for return shipping payment (shipping costs range from $10-15 for domestic and $30-40 for international). 

Ship to ::

Soul Poles 
c/o warranty department 
1490 Munchkin Road #104
Park City, UT 84060

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