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What size am I?

Here's a full size chart to help you with your decision. If you can't find the correct size contact us by email 

What's the difference between Original Soul and soulLite?

Soul Poles GM, Brian Mehregan shows you the difference between are our two main types of ski poles: Original Soul vs. soulLite. 

How do I install my baskets?

Soul Poles GM Brian Mehregan shows you how to install replacement baskets on your Quality Shafts. Whether you are switching sizes, colors, or replacing aged baskets, this video will make the installation process a breeze.

How Strong are Soul Poles?

How strong is our bamboo? It's approximately twice the strength of most aluminum poles. Need proof? Check out a 3rd party lab test done by a local University. 

How do I process a warranty?

Soul Poles offers a 2 year guarantee on all ski poles and trekking poles. For more information and to begin the warranty process visit our guarantee page.

How are Soul Poles made?

Check out a behind the scenes look of our manufacturing process. 

Meet our Founder

Learn more about Soul and take the shop tour with the Founder, Bryon Friedman. 

What's the swing weight of Soul Poles?

A number of customers ask about the swing weight of our ski poles. This is ONE of our comments on the subject. Enjoy!

How do we Torch our bamboo?  

How do you boomerang a pair of Soul Poles?  


Ski Pole Sizing

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