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DIY kit instructions

Necessary Materials:

Adhesive -  a malleable wood glues works best (ex. Gorilla Glue). If you decide to use epoxy make sure it’s rated for cold temperatures, however we suggest the former.

Optional Tools:

Rubber mallet to tap parts into place on the bamboo.

Step 1: The aluminum tips will be installed on each pole first. To do so, apply your adhesive to the inside wall of the tip, covering as much of the inner surface as possible. This is best achieved by spinning the tip in your fingers as you squeeze the glue inside. Once the adhesive has been applied, slowly slide the tip onto the correct end of the bamboo, farthest from the Soul Poles engraving. Spinning the tip as you install it allows for maximum adhesive coverage.

Note: As you can see if you look directly into the tip from the top, there is a hole in the bottom leading to a hollow cavity in the bottom half of the tip. This area does NOT need glue.

Step 2: Grips are installed next, using the same method as the tips. Apply the adhesive to the inner surface of the grip cavity, spreading as much as possible. When ready, spin the grip as you are sliding it onto the bamboo shaft to ensure maximum coverage.

Note: When installing grips, a rubber mallet is often used to ensure they are fully installed. Depending on the width of your bamboo poles, this may not be required.

Step 3: The final step of the process is installing the baskets. Simply flip the pole upside down, slide the basket (also upside down) onto the metal tip, applying force until it "clicks" into the recessed groove on the tip.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

[email protected] | 435-649-0529

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