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By Beth Lopez of RootsRated

October 10th, 2015

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Drive around ski resort parking lots, river put-ins, and climbing crags around Salt Lake City, and you’ll see an increasing number of giraffe-shaped stickers on car windows. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice these giraffes have unicorn horns. And they only come in bright, boisterous, unapologetic colors.

There’s a name for these curious creatures: girafficorns. And they’re the brain-child of SheJumps, a Salt Lake City-based organization that furthers outdoor adventure among women and girls. This half-mythical creature, designed by...

If the liftline at your local ski area is beginning to look like a bamboo grove, Bryon Friedman is responsible. In 2011 the Park City, Utah, native and former World Cup ski racer helped found Soul Poles, which makes ski poles from bamboo. Over the past four years, the poles have gone from a novelty item to a must-have among trendy skiers. Between R&D trips to South America and China, Friedman took some time to bare his soul

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Soul Poles GM Brian Mehregan shows you how to install replacement baskets on your Quality Shafts. Whether you are switching sizes, colors, or replacing aged baskets, this video will make the installation process a breeze.


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Soul Poles GM Brian Mehregan takes you through torching, a flame treatment that is sure to make your Quality Shafts stand out from the crowd. Using only a butane torch and masking tape, you can easily add a custom design to your Soul Poles! 


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Soul Poles athlete Martin Lentz had a killer winter last season, and here is the proof! Keep an eye out for Martin this season as he competes on the Freeride World Tour and shreds our favorite Little Cottonwood Canyon ski area, Alta Ski Resort.


Martin Lentz 2015 Season Edit from Martin Lentz on Vimeo.

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Soul Poles athlete Andrew Rumph had a killer summer chasing powder, competing, and instructing in South America. Keep an eye out for Andrew this season at Freeride World Qualifier events as he hunts down a spot on the Freeride World Tour!


PORTILLO POWDER from Andrew Rumph on Vimeo.

"Here is a short edit I put together of the last two days (August 25-26, 2014) here in Portillo, Chile. It snowed about 40cm/16 and the snow is amazing!"

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Soul Poles, and the Soul Shop, have a vibe and culture that truly need to be experienced hands-on. From the moment you walk in our door and smell the bamboo to building your own poles in our manufacturing space, we want to share our home with you. Take a brief tour with our founder, Bryon Friedman, to learn more about who we are, where we came from, and why we build the best custom bamboo ski poles in the world.


We hope this peak into the Soul Shop inspires you to stop by when you are in Park City, UT. Whether to just say hello or build your own custom bamboo ski poles, we’d love to share our Soul with you.

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How I got introduced to the Soul Poles family.


P: Sam Watson

Somehow, on my way to Taos New Mexico, for the first competition of the season, I lost my poles. But they weren’t really my poles, they were a bent pair of poles that I had “borrowed” from my mom. So they were pretty old and not actually the correct size. I ended up using a pair of Soul Poles from Andrew Rumph.

I used his poles all weekend, and since I continued to travel the rest of the winter (never really having a chance to get my own poles), Andrew’s Soul Poles, sorta became my Soul Poles. I adjusted the straps for my hands, became familiar...