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October 18, 2016 2 min read

This post is not about the sustainability of our bamboo, how strong our #qualityshafts are, or about protecting the playgrounds you love (brand call-out complete...whew). It's about the playful, sexier side of skiing, which has been overrun by social media clutter of selfies, gratuitous big lines, and check out what I had for breakfast today (you're a ski bum, we know you love burritos and pretending your life is better than ours through thumb filtered edits of pointless images! We love burritos too by the way). This is our way of paying homage to the ancestors of alpine sexiness and what better way to do so than through the iconic LANGE girls. Yes it's the epitome of the exploitation of a woman's body to sell a product, but it's also tastefully done, well-crafted, and just plain fun. It makes you want to put on a pair of boots, apply some zinc to your nose, and throw an f-ing daffy (sidenote: we prefer Tecnica ski boots). So sit back, relax and enjoy the playful sexiness that skiing once exuded. Hopefully this will inspire you to wait in line for first chair on a powder day, aprés ski through dinner, and party till the break of another powder day so you can get the #bestselfieever with the most likes, comments, shares ever. Kidding, you can cut the selfie out and just enjoy the moment! plantyoursoul
Note the exemplary form of the subject. Hands slightly low but forward, bottom's up, and ankles flexed. If this were aerodynamics 101, she would get an A-. 
Clearly she's well versed in the "staying comfortable in an aprés ski-rich environment" category.  Her onesie has more buckles than her boots so she must be a beginner, or maybe she prefers the backcountry where she can explore the backside of the mountain? All we really want to know is...where have all the buckle up onesies gone?
"Hey guys, I lost one of my contacts, can you help me find it?" 
Everyone knows that a good pair of boots need to keep those feet warm, but what most people don't know is, ankle articulation is everything.Judging by the definition of her Tibialis Anterior muscle, what we like to consider the sexiest, most important muscle in skiing, her shin spends plenty of time pressed to the front of the boot. Now that's sexy! 
- Have fantastic winter...the Soul Crew. 


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