Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul Poles

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Soul Poles is proud to announce the release of the Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul Pole.  Featuring blue grips, white baskets, and the Live It! Love It! Foundation’s mountain logo etched into the bamboo, these poles are reflective of Tatum’s lively and daring skiing in the freeride arena.  From each sale of her signature poles, Tatum will donate $10 to the Live It! Love It! Foundation.

The formation of this partnership reaffirms Soul Poles’ belief in the power of our products to improve the lives of people in our community and around the world.  Each pair of Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul Poles is made in the USA from direct-trade and renewable bamboo, RPET grips, and post-consumer aluminum tips. We are excited to activate Tatum within the Soul Family as a cause-oriented athlete, backing an incredible organization, and raising the collective social and environmental benefit from the sale of each pair of her signature poles.

By forming this partnership, Tatum and Soul Poles will be supporting the Live It! Love It! Foundation's mandate to progress outdoor adaptive recreation through athlete sponsorships, adventure camps, and subsidized equipment costs.  Together, we are excited to promote safe skiing and a future in the outdoors for those disabled by the sport we so deeply love. 

To learn more, we have provided some links below:

Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul Pole

Tatum’s Story

The Live It! Love It! Foundation | Soul Poles partnership


For immediate release:

Sunday, March 23rd, 2013


last update: Mar 25, 2014


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