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Soul Poles gets the nod from one of the most trusted publications in the ski world Powder Magazine.  Thanks for the love Powder, we appreciate your appreciation for our handmade product! 

Soul Poles Original Soul
I’ve received more inquiries from both know-it-all hard cores and Texan tourists about these poles. They’re light, stylie, eco-friendly, and most importantly, durable. I tend to fall hard a lot and break a lot of poles. But not these ones. Founded by former U.S. Ski Teamer Bryon Friedman, these poles allow you to brag about saving the planet and your healthy conscious with the renewable bamboo construction. Rubber grips with hemp wrist straps (which don’t rip or break, either), semi-old school recycled plastic powder baskets, and metal tips round out these unfinished poles. Save the planet and swell your soul. –J.S.
last update: Nov 06, 2012

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