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At Soul Poles we are constantly trying to bring good vibes and good times to the outdoor lifestyle while giving back to our community and environment. When we see other people and companies promoting a similar ethos, it encourages us to keep pushing for the world we want to live in. The discovery of Kate’s Real Food, an energy bar company dedicated to making wholesome bars with ingredients sourced from responsible and organic farms was no coincidence. We sought out the most environmentally and socially conscious bar company in the outdoor industry to partner with us for our mobile workshop tour, and Kate’s Real Food met and exceeded the benchmark. Made with wholesome ingredients harvested on organic farms located as close to the Tetons and their production facility as possible, a Kates Real Food Bar is “real food” for “real play.”

The journey for a better energy bar began with a ski bum in Jackson Hole making  bars to fuel her adventures in the Tetons.  After ten years of handing out bars in the tramline at Jackson Hole and hearing people tell her they were the best they’d ever had, Kate was finally convinced to start the company. Today, Kate’s Real Food (KRF) makes 5 different energy bars, proudly handmade with GMO free ingredients from responsible organic farms.  KRF is not only making bars that are better for our body, but also for our environment. 
Photo: KRF
Adding to KRF’s sustainable sourcing, the company invests in the local community of outdoor enthusiasts.  According to Kate, “KRF’s mission is to grow to the point where we can give back to the community and environment on a larger scale. As of right now we are supporting the outdoor lifestyle here in the Teton Valley by building new trails and maintaining old ones.” KRF has also enacted a Fuel for Heroes campaign, sending energy bars to fire fighters in the rocky mountain area. Ultimately, the company would like to leverage the business to further support sustainable farming by setting up community farmland and educating people on how organic farming is better for both the earth and your body. “We are all connected to our environment in some way. Kate’s Real Food is dedicated to maintaining and protecting the local farmland that is the lifeblood of our community.” 
Photo: KRF
Learn more about KRF at and make some small steps for your body and our planet.  #plantyoursoul
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